Eco Art - Let's Talk About Recycling Art

Eco Art: communication, art and ecology.


  We have seen that our students give very little importance to protecting the environment. Although separate waste containers have been installed in our schoolyard and city, the students do not use them. Also, children with hearing disabilities are facing two major problems, communication and socialization, caused by their deficiencies. These realities have determined us to choose this theme for the project. The involvement of a foreign partner offers the possibility to observe, compare and adopt responsible behaviors and conducts towards the environment, offering in the mean while, an optimal frame to develop communication and socialization skills using a foreign language and a different sign language. Acquiring English language skills (the main language of this project), English being an international language, and, on the whole, the cultural-linguistic opening offered by this project is important, also, in the context of the two countries as parts of the European Union.


  Our project  "Let’s Talk About Recycling Art" has the goal of creating common activities and individual endeavors concerning the communication skills of the pupils with hearing deficiencies, developing their personalities, improving their abilities for socialization, growing a responsible civic attitude towards the environment and creating an opportunity for a better social integration.
  Through this project, the students will get directly involved in ecological activities, engaging in the cleaning and rehabilitation of green areas. From the recycled materials gathered, they will create  eco-art objects (artistically recycled objects). The final products of this project will be:
- a Facebook page of the project (a web page);
- a Romanian-Turkish-English dictionary, for signs and basic vocabulary;
The dictionary will be a software that can be installed on any PC and it will contain for example the Romanian word, its translation into English and Turkish, its specific sign (video presented) in Romanian and Turkish sign languages, its pronunciation in all 3 languages and a relevant image if possible.
- a CD/DVD containing various aspects of the activities during the project as a power point presentation.

Objectives and strategy

  Through the activities of the project, common as well as individual, the students will be able to :
- Recognize materials and substances which are pollutants and understand the role of a clean environment in our lives, by participating in theoretical, as well as practical activities.
- Develop a responsible civic attitude regarding the environment and the materials considered thrash.
- To use spare time in an educational manner, by getting involved in the project's activities.
- To join team activities, assuming responsibility and respecting rules imposed with the purpose of attaining a final product (art objects, cleaning of green areas, specific activities focused on getting the final product) as part of the group "Green Team".
- To use all types of languages, verbal or gestural, and the foreign language, in order to cooperate and accomplish the common objectives, this way, developing vocabulary and communication skills, an objective reached by all the planned activities, especially the ones that are in common.
- To improve handwork abilities, artistic skills and creativity by creating handmade works of art, from recyclable materials.
- To improve self-esteem and an accepting attitude, through activities with the students from Turkey, and also in other individual and social occasions.
- To develop the ability of using IT tools and technologies by participating in the creation of the Facebook page and the Romanian-Turkish-English dictionary of signs and basic vocabulary, which requires photography and filming, photo/video editing and the ability of using  several software programs.
  There will be a great accent on developing communication, involving students in every part of the project, and making a final product with a high degree of utility and novelty.