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Our Schools



           Vasile Pavelcu Technological Special High School of Iasi

                    known until 1st of October 2012 as Vasile Pavelcu School Group of Iasi

                                        Address: I.C.Bratianu Street, No. 26, Iasi, Romania

                                                           Tel./Fax: 0040232211532



  Our school ensures educational services, recuperative therapeutics and professional training from kindergarten  level through the 12th grade technological special education for 334 kids and youths in majority hard of hearing/deaf but also some of them learning disabled, or with associate deficiencies. These services focus on the development of a series of basic skills, attitudes and competencies and create the premises for a better social-professional integration.     

  The quality assessment and control is a part of the institutional development cycle, focusing on the orientation of the development of our school towards the improvement of the quality of the education offered through a continuous adaptation to the beneficiaries’ needs and expectations and to the quality standards.
  Our school is engaged in the qualitative improvement of the learning and teaching processes, in looking for creative solutions in order to focus on a student-centered education. “Vasile Pavelcu” School Group of Iasi intends to contribute to the development of an institutional culture of quality in pre-university education.
  In our school work a number of 74 teachers, psycho pedagogue-teachers (speech therapists and school psychologists), special education teachers, educator-teachers, technology-teachers and vocational coordinators. Most of our pupils' families
are characterized by a low financial/economical capabilities, they are living on social security, others' parents are unemployed, over 50% live in rural areas, some of the pupils comes from mono parental families or they are institutionalized having no family at all.
  Our constant interest in the best social-professional integration of our students, in their communication and personality development and also on the improvement of the educational process leaded over time to numerous partnerships, this project being the most actual result of it.


      Tuzla Rotary Bölge Vakfı İşitme Engelliler İlköğretim Okulu

                        Address: Aydıntepe Mahallesi Cihan Sokak No:51, Tuzla, Turkey

                                                      Phone: 02164940988

                                                        Fax: 02164940989



  Our school is located in Tuzla which is a suburb in Istanbul. We have 82 students and 17 staff in our school. All of the students cannot hear, that is they are hearing-impaired children and most of them have both hearing and learning problems. Most of their parents immigrated from the Black Sea Region and the Eastern Anatolian Region and they have both economically and socially bad conditions. The parents work for long hours and they earn little money. Moreover, the parents spend very little time with their children. So the children need support, attention and love. Nearly all of the students haven't seen even the local historical places, parks or other interesting places in Istanbul. We aim to help them express their needs and feelings freely. We also want to provide them some opportunities  to see different places and make their horizons broaden. This project will help them understand that their hearing and speaking problems are not a major handicap to communicate, socialize, integrate and why not, meet foreign people and seeing that they are not alone.


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